Ladies Ministry Team

What is Ladies Ministry Team (LMT)?

The Ladies Ministry Team is an organization of women in the church that is responsible for coordinating many of the meals and events which happen at the church throughout the year. Below is a rough overview of the committees and activities LMT

  • Bereavement - Provides meals for recently bereaved church families. Currently coordinated by Opal Hall
  • Circle Contacts - act as a liaison between LMT and the Circle groups. Lola Bennet serves for Circle I and Rilla Pride for Circle II
  • Historian - records the church's history for the year. Currently filled by Lola Bennet
  • Kitchen - maintain and purchase kitchen supplies needed for meals at the church. Currently overseen by Betty Robinson
  • Missions - organizes and spearheads LMT missions projects. This position is currently vacant.
  • Nursery - goes between the nursery committee and LMT relaying necessary information. Overseen by Amanda Davis.
  • Publications - responsible for dissemination of LMT news and announcements. This position is currently vacant.
  • Special Meals/Events - these encompass a wide range of happenings and celebrations in the life of the church, including the Harvest Festival, Ladies' Retreat, Graduates Ceremony, Family Night Suppers, and more. These need help with set up, coordination, and clean up, and are orchestrated by an ever-changing slate of volunteers. More information into the details of these events can be provided by Kim Crosby or Pam Miller.
  • Spiritual Growth - keeps in contact with Bible studies and Sunday Schools to help further spiritual growth in the church. This position is currently vacant.
  • TLC - provides meals for family members following hospitalizations, illnesses, and other times of need. Mary Lewis Govero oversees this ministry.
  • Treasurer - monitors and reports on expenditures of LMT funds. Currently filled by Amanda Davis.