“The Providence College Group is a ministry of Providence Church centered upon the study of God’s Word, fellowship of students, and practical growth as Christians. Every Wednesday night, students come together to read and study God’s Word reverently and expectantly with the intent that we will grow in our love, knowledge, and adoration of God. The Bible Study is designed to be a place where those who are new to the faith, those who have been raised in the church, those with doubts or questions, and even those who are simply wanting a place to study the Bible are welcome to listen to and interact with God’s Word. The goal is that we would learn more about who our Lord is, that He would write His truth on our hearts, and that He would grow us into a people who daily lean and rest on Him for all that we need and that in light of that, we would worship and enjoy our God."

We meet at Wednesday nights, 7:45 at 406 Monroe Street (Acorn Studios and Art Gallery). If you have any questions or want to reach out, contact Bryce via the church office.