Evening Sermons

 August202017The Next DayGenesis 33:1-20David Felker
 August132017Considering Joy in the DispersJames 1: 1-4Bryce Davis
 August62017Is Jesus The Messiah You ThougMark 1:1-15Seth Starkey
 July232017Psalm 3Psalm 3Paul Long
 July162017The Necessity of Showing Up EmIsaiah 55:1-5Seth Starkey
 July92017The Comfort of the Holy SpiritRomans 15:13Wiley Lowry
 July22017Proverbs 21Proverbs 21Bryce Davis
 June252017John 1:34; 14:1-7John 1:34; 14:1-7Michael Cannon
 June112017Role of Deacons1 Timothy 3:8-13Michael Cannon
 June42017Grace and Peace in the Exile1 Peter 1:1-5Bryce Davis
 May282017We Can Trust That This is God'2 Timothy 3:16; Luke 1:1-4; HeMichael Cannon
 May212017Hebrews 12Hebrews 12Bryce Davis
 May142017Is There a God?Romans 1:19-20Michael Cannon
 May72017The Practice of Glorifying GodRomans 11:34-36; Revelation 4:Michael Cannon
 April142017Entire Tenebrae Service
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