Evening Sermons

 November122017But He Gives More GraceJames 4:1-10Bryce Davis
 November52017The Only Law-Giver In IsraelMark 2:18-3:6Seth Starkey
 October222017What Does It Take To Get Us ToMark 2:13-17Seth Starkey
 October152017What To Do At A PartyLuke 14:7-24Jeff Jordan
 October82017All Things ContinueGenesis 5:1-6:8Wiley Lowry
 October12017A Savior for Every OccasionMark 1:35-2:17Seth Starkey
 September242017That Escalated QuicklyMark 1:16-34Seth Starkey
 September172017Luke 7:36-50Luke 7:36-50Seth Starkey
 September102017The Song of God's GloryPsalm 19: 1-14Jeff Jordan
 September32017The Glory of God & the Work ofGen 1Wiley Lowry
 August272017The Great Escape2 Peter 1:1-15James Elkin
 August202017The Next DayGenesis 33:1-20David Felker
 August132017Considering Joy in the DispersJames 1: 1-4Bryce Davis
 August62017Is Jesus The Messiah You ThougMark 1:1-15Seth Starkey
 July232017Psalm 3Psalm 3Paul Long
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