Morning Sermons

 June282020The Life TogetherActs 20:1-16Ian Kayser
 June212020The Law FulfilledMatthew 5:17-20Bryce Davis
 June142020Nothing to LoseMatthew 5:11-16Bryce Davis
 June72020Matthew 5:10-12Matthew 5:10-12Ian Kayser
 May312020An Invitation to PeaceMatthew 5:9Ian Kayser
 May242020A Vision of GodMatthew 5:8Ian Kayser
 April192020Spiritual BankruptcyMatthew 5:3Bryce Davis
 April122020The Light of HopeLuke 23:50-24:12Ian Kayser
 April52020The Only Help that MattersPsalm 46Ian Kayser
 March292020From Fear to Hope (Part 2)Psalm 34Ian Kayser
 March222020From Fear to Hope (Part 1)Psalm 34Ian Kayser
 March152020Psalm 20Psalm 20Ian Kayser
 March82020The Logic of IdolatryActs 19:18-41Ian Kayser
 March12020The Search for PowerActs 19:1-20Ian Kayser
 February232020Hope During SadnessActs 18:1-11Ian Kayser
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